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The LIST by County, Regions!

United Arab Emirates - over 750,000 targets and growing
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - over 800,000 targets
United Kingdom - over 2,000,000 targets
United States - over 18,000,000
Canada - just under 2,000,000
France - over 250,000
Japan - surpassed 1,500,000
Middle East - over 3,000,000
Africa - reaching 500,000
Europe - topping 12,000,000
Asia - tipping - 2,300,000

Blast This:

$3,500.00   Blast

Email up to 50,000 targeted clients within one country, territory, region.

(Single Blast)

$6,000.00   Blast

From 50,001 to 100,00 targeted  clients within one country, territory, region.  (Single Blast)

$12,000.00   Blast

100,001 to 250,000 targeted clients within one country, territory, region.

(Single Blast)

Custom Quote

250,001 up to 1,000,000 can be done on request but will require a custom quote at time of delivery.  We do offer discounts for multiple blast and return clients.

Celebration Time

Twice a year we offer absolutely FREE email marketing blast to several businesses. How we do this is in our Newsletters. We put out 12 newsletters a year and twice during the year we run a campaign drawing. When you find the lucky code and submit it you get up to 50,000 absolutely FREE targeted emails blasted with your content.  You have to join our op-in newsletter to take advantage of it. 100,000 potential contacts just for an email submission. What are you waiting for.

Overseas Clients

We understand the need to stay on top of marketing and that it is essential to corner the market so we offer special deals based on multiple blast.  If you are looking to use our services for more than three times give us a call to set up special rates for you.